Bijoux et Bracelets pour améliorer l'Amour et les Relations

Jewelry and Bracelets to Enhance Love and Relationships

Natural semi-precious stones have an undeniably recognized reputation for their extreme beneficial properties promoting our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Amour et Relations jewelry and bracelets are designed to allow you to enjoy the virtues that bring peace and serenity in your relationships or in love on a daily basis. Each type of stone has its own particularity.

We describe them to you on each of the models so that you know what benefits they will have for you and so that you can find the ones that suit you.

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Bracelet of LOVE and INTUITION in Cat's Eye
Sale price24.92 € Regular price48.83 €
Bracelet of LOVE and VITALITY of the 7 chakras
Sale price24.36 € Regular price48.90 €
Fusion bracelets for couple "dragon & phoenix" in black obsidian
Sale priceFrom 27.87 € Regular price43.49 €
Bracelet "anti-stress and confidence" in Rhodonite
Sale price24.87 € Regular price59.87 €
Multi-turn leather and rose quartz cuff bracelet
Sale price34.87 € Regular price59.87 €
“Phoenix” Mala Bracelets for Couple in Black Obsidian
Sale priceFrom 34.21 € Regular price77.34 €
"Complicity" bracelet in Jasper stones
Sale price19.87 € Regular price39.98 €
3 Bracelets "Confidence in Love" Rose Quartz Onyx and Rhodonite
Sale price27.89 € Regular price59.89 €
“LOVE and AFFECTION” Bracelet in Amethyst
Sale price19.38 € Regular price39.91 €
“Distance” bracelets in black Onyx or white Howlite
Sale priceFrom 18.90 € Regular price36.99 €
Turquoise stone healing bracelet
Sale price27.87 € Regular price49.91 €
Sold out
Superbe bague tibetaine ornée d'une turquoise-Mybouddha Superbe bague tibetaine ornée d'une turquoise-Mybouddha
Superb Tibetan ring adorned with a turquoise
Sale price24.90 € Regular price39.90 €
Shamballa Bracelet in Turquoise or White Howlite
Sale price27.97 € Regular price49.81 €
GUERISON and LOVE Bracelet in Pink Opal
Sale price24.92 € Regular price48.25 €
LOVE and LUCK Bracelet
Sale price24.38 € Regular price48.92 €
Genuine Turquoise "Lotus Flower" Mala
Sale price29.87 € Regular price59.87 €
"Spirituality" Turquoise bead necklace on waxed leather cord
Sale price21.59 € Regular price38.89 €
Apatite “Slimming” bracelet for weight loss
Sale price24.82 € Regular price32.82 €
“Vitality and Intuition” Opal Water Drop Earrings
Sale price19.81 € Regular price38.22 €
Turquoise and Jasper beads bracelet on genuine leather
Sale price32.87 € Regular price59.89 €
Sold out
Le Shamballa ou Bracelet d’amitié-Mybouddha Le Shamballa ou Bracelet d’amitié-Mybouddha
The Shamballa or Friendship Bracelet
Sale price23.55 € Regular price48.12 €

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