Bijoux et Bracelets pour la Confiance en soi

Jewelry and Bracelets for Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is sometimes lacking, and a little support may be necessary at times. Some varieties of stones have the particularity of promoting self-confidence in addition to being beautiful.

Our jewelry and bracelets of self-confidence are handmade in an entirely artisanal way by manufacturers selected for their seriousness and the quality of the natural semi-precious stones used.

In this tab, you will find all the jewels and bracelets improving Self-confidence to allow you to better understand each situation with greater serenity.

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Bracelet in mini natural stones of matte Brazilian Sodalite
Sale price18.87 € Regular price24.89 €
Faceted Natural Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet
Sale price19.98 € Regular price34.98 €
Rhodonite bracelet and its heart charm engraved Tree of life
Sale price26.24 € Regular price41.87 €
Natural Jade Shamballa Bracelet
Sale price28.87 € Regular price43.89 €
Shamballa bracelet in Lapis Lazuli and African Jasper
Sale price29.87 € Regular price44.98 €
Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Earrings
Sale price22.89 €
Bracelet "Enhancement of expression" in Lapis Lazuli
Sale price34.97 € Regular price89.97 €
Lapis Lazuli heart bracelet
Sale price24.98 € Regular price39.87 €
Apatite “Slimming” bracelet for weight loss
Sale price24.82 € Regular price32.82 €
Friendship bracelets in natural Jasper or Onyx stones
Sale price29.89 € Regular price48.87 €
Set of 3 "Trust, Protection and Anti-Stress" bracelets
Sale price29.98 € Regular price49.89 €
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Pendentif en Lapis Lazuli sur collier en cuir naturel-Mybouddha-Mybouddha Pendentif en Lapis Lazuli sur collier en cuir naturel-Mybouddha-Mybouddha
Lapis Lazuli pendant on natural leather necklace
Sale price24.33 € Regular price36.97 €
Turquoise Teardrop Earrings
Sale price22.43 € Regular price39.88 €
Cuff bracelet in Lapis Lazuli
Sale price26.43 € Regular price39.89 €
"Creativity and Communication" bracelet in Sodalite beads
Sale price28.74 € Regular price59.89 €
"Joie de vivre" bracelet in Amazonite beads and woven leather
Sale price26.22 € Regular price47.89 €
“Clarity of Mind” Bracelet in Aquamarine
Sale price29.89 € Regular price59.97 €
Amazonite bracelet and its “Tree of life” pendant
Sale price27.23 € Regular price49.87 €
“Extreme Confidence” necklace in Labradorite, Onyx and Amazonite
Sale priceFrom 38.89 € Regular price78.90 €
"Courage and Inner Peace" bracelet in natural stones and leather
Sale price27.87 € Regular price49.89 €
Mala "Understanding and Knowledge" in Sodalite beads
Sale price34.89 € Regular price69.97 €
“Self-esteem” dangling earrings in turquoise and natural stones
Sale price24.37 € Regular price59.81 €

2 colors available

Mala 108 "self-control" in multi-color Onyx beads with charm
Sale price34.21 € Regular price70.76 €
Mala “self-confidence” in African Turquoises
Sale price34.47 € Regular price79.87 €
Crystal Aurora Borealis Pendant Necklace
Sale price39.89 € Regular price79.87 €

2 colors available

Bracelet with Blue Onyx Charm
Sale price24.49 € Regular price49.98 €
Sold out
Bracelet bouddhiste tibétain en quartz-Mybouddha Bracelet bouddhiste tibétain en quartz-Mybouddha
Tibetan Buddhist Quartz Bracelet
Sale price33.89 € Regular price69.87 €
Crescent moon pendant "Appeasement" in Agate
Sale price29.89 € Regular price59.99 €

2 colors available

"Resistance and Protection" Mala in Onyx and Tiger's Eye
Sale price37.98 € Regular price69.87 €
Turquoise stone healing bracelet
Sale price27.87 € Regular price49.91 €
Genuine Turquoise "Lotus Flower" Mala
Sale price29.87 € Regular price59.87 €
Shamballa Bracelet in Turquoise or White Howlite
Sale price27.97 € Regular price49.81 €
Blue Opal Bead Bracelet
Sale priceFrom 21.42 € Regular price42.84 €
“Mastery and Self-Confidence” Bracelet in Black Onyx
Sale priceFrom 18.90 € Regular price39.81 €
Mala 108 beads "self-confidence" in Black Onyx
Sale price34.25 € Regular price79.89 €
Black Tourmaline Pendant
Sale price31.20 € Regular price65.80 €
“Distance” bracelets in black Onyx or white Howlite
Sale priceFrom 18.90 € Regular price36.99 €
"Soothing and Self-Confidence" Mala in Sodalite
Sale priceFrom 32.22 € Regular price64.44 €
Meditation bracelet one bought = the second offered
Sale price19.96 € Regular price39.98 €
Sold out
Wooden Buddha bracelet Wooden Buddha bracelet
Wooden Buddha bracelet
Sale price17.87 € Regular price29.98 €
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Bracelet bouddha en Grenat-Mybouddha Bracelet bouddha en Grenat-Mybouddha
Garnet Buddha Bracelet
Sale price18.90 € Regular price29.90 €
Buddha bracelet "appeasement and self-confidence" in sodalite
Sale price24.97 € Regular price43.93 €
Root chakra bracelet
Sale price18.90 € Regular price29.90 €