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Necklace with Guanyin Buddha pendant in natural Tiger's eye
Sale price29.87 € Regular price49.98 €
Trio of multi-material Tibetan bracelets
Sale priceFrom 19.87 € Regular price29.87 €
Natural Amazonite stone earrings
Sale price23.87 € Regular price38.98 €
Tibetan bracelet “Om Mani Padme Hum” in white copper
Sale price46.99 € Regular price98.21 €
Tathagata Buddha Statue
Sale price59.89 € Regular price89.76 €
Mala 108 “Elevation” beads in natural Aquamarine stones
Sale price29.87 € Regular price45.92 €
Labradorite Teardrop Earrings
Sale price28.87 €
Mala "Support" multi natural pearls
Sale price32.87 € Regular price44.89 €
“Balance” bracelet of the 7 Chakras in Jasper
Sale price26.87 € Regular price59.89 €
“Clarity of Mind” Bracelet in Aquamarine
Sale price29.89 € Regular price59.97 €
Natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet
Sale price26.73 € Regular price39.78 €
Mala "Zenitude" 108 beads and its multicolored pompom
Sale price44.81 € Regular price89.98 €
Hexagonal pyramid pendulum in genuine natural stone
Sale price21.87 € Regular price34.98 €
Bracelet "Abundance & Prosperity" in Citrine, Pyrite and Jade
Sale price44.87 € Regular price79.89 €
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Statue noire et dorée du Bouddha Maravijaya en résine-Décoration-Mybouddha-Petite (20x14x13cm)-Mybouddha Statue noire et dorée du Bouddha Maravijaya en résine-Décoration-Mybouddha-Petite (20x14x13cm)-Mybouddha
Resin Black and Gold Maravijaya Buddha Statue
Sale priceFrom 89.87 € Regular price109.27 €
999 Silver Lotus Sutra Ring
Sale price89.90 € Regular price119.00 €
Bracelet "anti-stress and confidence" in Rhodonite
Sale price24.87 € Regular price59.87 €
Natural Red Jasper Lucky Bracelet
Sale price32.87 € Regular price44.99 €
Buddhachance bracelet (1 bought = 1 free)
Sale price22.87 € Regular price24.90 €
Two-tone lucky knot Tibetan bracelet
Sale price24.87 € Regular price49.98 €
Genuine Labradorite “Therapist” Necklace and Pendant
Sale price39.87 € Regular price79.87 €
Tiger eye Buddha pendant
Sale price29.87 € Regular price49.98 €
Antique Tibetan Bracelet in Tibetan Silver
Sale priceFrom 49.90 € Regular price279.00 €
Semi-precious Tibetan Bronzite bracelet
Sale price26.87 € Regular price49.98 €
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Pendentif plaquée argent fleur de vie - Géométrie sacré-Mybouddha Pendentif plaquée argent fleur de vie - Géométrie sacré-Mybouddha
Silver Plated Flower of Life Pendant - Sacred Geometry
Sale price23.24 € Regular price46.34 €
"Complicity" bracelet in Jasper stones
Sale price19.87 € Regular price39.98 €
“Muladhara” bracelets in natural Turquoise and Howlite
Sale price24.47 € Regular price32.87 €
Harmonization bracelet of the 7 chakras in natural stones
Sale price27.87 € Regular price49.90 €
“Extreme Protection” bracelet in matte Onyx, Tiger's Eye and Hematite
Sale priceFrom 23.39 € Regular price46.78 €