Oeil de Tigre

Eye of tiger

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“Extreme Protection” bracelet in matte Onyx, Tiger's Eye and Hematite
Sale priceFrom 23.39 € Regular price46.78 €
Brown Tiger Eye and Tree of Life Bracelet
Sale price24.69 € Regular price39.89 €
Tiger eye “protection” bracelet
Sale priceFrom 19.90 € Regular price34.90 €
"Strength & Power" Bracelet in Red Tiger Eye and Black Onyx
Sale price39.95 € Regular price89.80 €
POWER bracelet for men
Sale price19.92 € Regular price44.28 €
Protection mala 108 beads tiger eye and black obsidian
Sale price24.90 € Regular price39.90 €
Tiger eye Shamballa bracelet
Sale price29.32 € Regular price47.02 €

2 colors available

"Anchoring and Stability" Mala in Brazilian Black Agate and Tiger's Eye
Sale priceFrom 35.90 € Regular price55.90 €
Black Onyx and Tiger's Eye Persuasion Bracelet
Sale priceFrom 20.11 € Regular price42.31 €
Tiger eye buddha bracelet
Sale price18.90 € Regular price29.90 €
Set of 3 "Trust, Protection and Anti-Stress" bracelets
Sale price29.98 € Regular price49.89 €
Mala "protection and fulfillment" in Tiger's Eye
Sale price34.92 € Regular price68.84 €
Multi-row protection bracelet
Sale price24.89 € Regular price49.82 €
Bracelet in Hematites and Tiger's Eye
Sale price25.60 € Regular price59.10 €
Necklace with Tiger's Eye pendant
Sale price24.12 € Regular price48.21 €
Protection bracelet in natural red tiger eye beads
Sale price22.91 € Regular price38.25 €
Tiger eye cabochon ring in silver plated
Sale price15.90 € Regular price24.89 €
Tiger eye bead mantra bracelet
Sale priceFrom 24.96 € Regular price37.46 €
Buddha bracelet in natural stones
Sale price19.89 € Regular price39.89 €