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Bracelet "anti-stress and confidence" in Rhodonite
Sale price24.87 € Regular price59.87 €
Natural Amethyst Healing Pendulum Pendant
Sale price8.90 € Regular price19.21 €
labradorite pendant
Sale price27.99 € Regular price59.91 €
3 Bracelets "Confidence in Love" Rose Quartz Onyx and Rhodonite
Sale price27.89 € Regular price59.89 €
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Mala «immunité» en Tourmaline bleue-Mybouddha Mala «immunité» en Tourmaline bleue-Mybouddha
"Immunity" Mala in Blue Tourmaline
Sale price34.64 € Regular price69.21 €
Protection bracelet in natural red tiger eye beads
Sale price22.91 € Regular price38.25 €
Obsidian Elephants Pendant Necklace
Sale price24.87 € Regular price59.89 €
Genuine Larimar stone adjustable ring
Sale price89.97 € Regular price189.97 €
Hex Fluorite Healing Wand
Sale priceFrom 19.81 € Regular price29.81 €
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Bague «Délice d'Amour» en quartz rose et argent 925-Mybouddha Bague «Délice d'Amour» en quartz rose et argent 925-Mybouddha
“Love Delight” ring in rose quartz and 925 silver
Sale price42.31 € Regular price99.99 €
"Soothing and Strength" Buddha bracelet in genuine Onyx
Sale price24.89 € Regular price39.98 €
Box of 7 raw natural Chakra stones
Sale price29.85 € Regular price53.98 €
Laughing Buddha statuette in natural stone
Sale price25.31 € Regular price45.90 €
Green Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet
Sale price22.74 € Regular price45.29 €
Black Tourmaline Pendant
Sale price31.20 € Regular price65.80 €
Bracelet in natural red Carnelian
Sale priceFrom 28.47 € Regular price48.47 €
“Calm and Serenity” Bracelet in Dalmatian Jasper
Sale price25.99 € Regular price49.21 €
“Anti-stress” double row necklace in semi-precious pearls
Sale price49.89 € Regular price98.97 €
Mala "Zenitude" 108 beads and its multicolored pompom
Sale price44.81 € Regular price89.98 €
Mala «Purification» in Rhodonite
Sale price39.97 € Regular price79.99 €
“Anti-stress” bracelet in natural Amazonite
Sale price26.87 € Regular price39.89 €
Set of 2 Blue Tiger's Eye stone bracelets
Sale price32.01 € Regular price49.99 €