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Jewelry and Lucky Bracelets

Lucky items are an essential element for which we all attach great interest. In Asia, they are an integral part of everyone's life, in homes as well as in shops, stalls and restaurants.

Our jewelry, bracelets, key rings and other objects from the Porte-Bonheur collection come from Buddhist beliefs and are as such made by craftsmen and monks respecting precise techniques from their traditions.

Each piece of this Porte-Bonheur collection is made with quality natural semi-precious stones with the aim of providing you with jewelry that is as useful as it is beautiful.

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Pi xiu “wealth and abundance” bracelet
Sale price29.97 € Regular price69.87 €

2 colors available

Hand-braided lucky charm bracelet (like Leonardo DiCaprio's)
Sale priceFrom 24.92 € Regular price44.95 €

4 colors available

Buddhist bracelet knot of luck silver color
Sale price24.90 € Regular price49.98 €
Lucky Nenju Bracelet
Sale price13.87 € Regular price24.23 €

3 colors available

lucky buddha bracelet
Sale price24.87 € Regular price49.97 €
Lucky clover pendant
Sale price8.90 € Regular price19.87 €
Sold out
Porte clés Bouddha Ganesh-Mybouddha Porte clés Bouddha Ganesh-Mybouddha
Buddha Ganesh key ring
Sale price11.90 € Regular price14.90 €
Lucky charm bracelet in red braided rope
Sale price19.90 € Regular price29.90 €
LUCK elephant pendant
Sale price9.90 € Regular price19.90 €

2 colors available

Deep Black Tibetan Luck Bracelet
Sale price24.87 € Regular price49.90 €
Tibetan bracelet knot of luck of the 7 chakras
Sale price24.57 € Regular price49.97 €
Hand Braided Lucky Bracelets
Sale priceFrom 24.92 € Regular price44.96 €
Hand Braided Lucky Bracelets
Sale priceFrom 24.92 € Regular price44.96 €

4 colors available

Sold out
Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet
Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet
Sale price24.97 € Regular price39.21 €
Buddhist luck bracelet in orange braided rope
Sale price24.21 € Regular price49.21 €
LOVE and LUCK Bracelet
Sale price24.38 € Regular price48.92 €
Tibetan luck bracelet and copper beads
Sale price19.87 € Regular price25.98 €
Amitabha Buddha black key ring
Sale price15.87 € Regular price29.87 €
Sold out
Le Shamballa ou Bracelet d’amitié-Mybouddha Le Shamballa ou Bracelet d’amitié-Mybouddha
The Shamballa or Friendship Bracelet
Sale price23.55 € Regular price48.12 €

4 colors available

Tibetan lucky knot Shamballa bracelet
Sale price24.50 € Regular price49.89 €
“Joie de vivre” cabochon ring in Amazonite
Sale price28.18 € Regular price49.89 €
Key ring Buddha on a lotus leaf
Sale price14.91 € Regular price27.41 €
Sold out
Tibetan bracelet of multicolored luck Bracelet tibétain de chance multicolore-Mybouddha-Mybouddha
Tibetan bracelet of multicolored luck
Sale price24.87 € Regular price49.90 €