Bijoux et Bracelets pour la Vitalité et l'énergie

Jewelry and Bracelets for Vitality and Energy

Our range of Vitality and Energy jewelry and bracelets offers you high quality jewelry made with natural semi-precious stones whose beneficial properties are indisputable.

Each description informs you about the properties of the stones used so that you can choose the jewel that best meets your needs.

All these jewels are handmade by Buddhist monks or craftsmen in the pure Tibetan tradition to allow you to acquire real quality jewels whose virtues will be your daily allies.

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Bracelet of LOVE and VITALITY of the 7 chakras
Sale price24.36 € Regular price48.90 €
“Vitality Love and Energy” ring in natural stones and 925 silver
Sale price49.87 € Regular price89.90 €

1 color available

Hematite magnetic bracelet
Sale priceFrom 17.90 € Regular price34.90 €
Hematite “fortifying” bracelet
Sale price28.44 € Regular price39.87 €
“Anti-fatigue” bracelet in chalcedony
Sale price28.19 € Regular price59.91 €
Heated citrine bracelet
Sale priceFrom 29.90 € Regular price49.90 €
Sold out
Bracelet «Lotus » en pierres de Lapis Lazuli-Mybouddha Bracelet «Lotus » en pierres de Lapis Lazuli-Mybouddha
"Lotus" bracelet in Lapis Lazuli stones
Sale price24.87 € Regular price49.38 €
“Vitality and Anti-Stress” Bracelet in Pink Chalcedony
Sale price28.21 € Regular price59.21 €
Hematite Men's Strength Bracelet - Titanium
Sale price36.91 € Regular price120.21 €
garnet bracelet
Sale priceFrom 24.87 € Regular price48.89 €
Bracelet in fire opal stones
Sale priceFrom 24.90 € Regular price34.90 €
Sold out
Tibetan "self-confidence" bracelet in hawk's eye Bracelet tibetain «confiance en soi» en oeil de faucon-Mybouddha
Tibetan "self-confidence" bracelet in hawk's eye
Sale priceFrom 39.67 € Regular price79.50 €
“Vitality and Intuition” Opal Water Drop Earrings
Sale price19.81 € Regular price38.22 €
"Vitality and Energy" Bracelet in Natural Garnet
Sale priceFrom 19.89 € Regular price39.89 €
Hematite "Fortifier" Bracelet
Sale price24.87 € Regular price49.91 €
Reiki pendant "Life energy"
Sale price23.39 € Regular price46.71 €
Shamballa “Immunity” Bracelet in Amethyst
Sale price29.89 € Regular price49.98 €
Vitality and Energy - Black Obsidian Buddha Bracelet
Sale price29.97 € Regular price75.26 €