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Article 1 – GENERAL

These general terms and conditions apply to anyone purchasing a product through the site, a site operated by YO PUBLISHING LLC, the characteristics of which are specified above. They are deemed accepted without restriction or reservation by the customer, without possibility of appeal except application of the right of withdrawal when the customer places and validates his order on the site electronically. The sale is deemed concluded when the method of payment is selected. At this stage, the order is validated. This validation by the customer has the value of a handwritten signature between the parties. The customer acknowledges having read and accepted the content of the general conditions of sale.


All products are described with the greatest possible accuracy. In case of error, YO PUBLISHING LLC could not be held responsible. The photos, texts, information and characteristics illustrating the products sold are not contractual and therefore does not engage the responsibility of YO PUBLISHING LLC in the event of error or omission in one of the presentations of products or accessories offered. on sale.


The choice of products and accessories is the sole responsibility of the buyer. The impossibility of using or installing the product purchased for any reason whatsoever cannot engage the responsibility of YO PUBLISHING LLC and therefore cannot give rise to compensation, reimbursement or cancellation of the order. Certain products, depending on the experience and qualification of the individual purchaser, may require installation by a professional. The installation is in no way supported by YO PUBLISHING LLC.

Article 4 – PRICES

All prices are indicated in Euros and include all taxes. If the VAT rates were to be modified, reserves the right to pass on this change to the price of the products and accessories.
The prices do not include the price of worldwide delivery, unless otherwise indicated on the site. Transport costs are added to the price of the items in the order. The prices in force when the order is registered are firm and definitive regardless of the subsequent price variation, upwards or downwards.
All orders are payable in full and must comply with the schedule of the method of payment chosen by the buyer when ordering. The only acceptable prices are those displayed directly on the site


The means of payment used are bank cards and bank checks denominated in euros and issued by a bank domiciled anywhere in the world.
In the event of payment by cheque, this must imperatively be in the buyer's name. The cashing of the check is made upon receipt.
Any order paid by check will only be processed after receipt and payment. The deadlines for sending the goods indicated on the site will begin from the date of cashing of the check. Any check not received within 15 days of the order will result in an order cancellation. Until full payment of the price, the goods delivered will remain the full property of YO PUBLISHING LLC, any damage to the products delivered is the responsibility of the buyer. Until that date, because the material is considered the full property of YO PUBLISHING LLC, any damage to the products delivered is the responsibility of the buyer.

For any late payment, YO PUBLISHING LLC reserves the right to cancel the current order.

Any unilateral termination of an order by a customer, beyond the legal withdrawal period, gives rise to damages. of the District Court, eight days after a formal notice remained without effect.

As part of an anti-fraud check, YO PUBLISHING LLC may be required to ask the customer for all the documents necessary to release his order: proof of address, identity document, bank references...

The credit card payment offered on may incur costs for the buyer because the payment platform offered is outside the European Union. This will depend on the terms and conditions of the buyer's bank.


YO PUBLISHING LLC cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract in the event of a shortage of stock at the supplier or the unavailability of the product, in the event of force majeure, in the event of delay in deliveries for any reason whatsoever, in the event of modification of the characteristics of the product by the suppliers who no longer comply with the information given on the site.

Article 7 – DELIVERY

The times given on the site are only indicative and correspond to the average times for processing and sending the order. The deadline indicated is not a strict deadline. Exceeding the delivery time can never give rise, for any reason whatsoever, to compensation or deduction. YO PUBLISHING LLC disclaims all liability.

The goods travel at the buyer's risk and peril to the billing address indicated during the order. Any error in delivery and reshipment due to incorrect entry of the address will be paid for by the buyer.

All deliveries are made by direct delivery to the buyer against signature, in the presence of the deliverer.
We remind you that you must check the appearance of your package upon arrival. If the package is too damaged, or if you identify that a product is missing or incomplete, you must absolutely refuse the package. You must then check the contents of your package. If the contents of your parcel are not in conformity, you must by registered letter within 3 days of receipt make a protest to the carrier and to No complaint will be admissible with the carrier AND with if you have not sent your complaint by registered letter within 3 days of receipt of your package.

If the goods need to be returned, they must be returned within seven working days of receipt of the package.

After this period, no complaint can be accepted.

Returned merchandise must be in its original condition and packaging. Any incomplete or damaged merchandise or whose packaging is damaged will not be taken back, exchanged or refunded. Return costs remain the responsibility of the buyer and will not be reimbursed. In case of absence of the buyer at the scheduled delivery, the additional cost of transport will be at his expense. The delivery does not include any additional service such as installation or assembly of the material.

In the event of an error when entering your delivery address and we have to send the package to another address, a fixed price of €15 must be paid for management costs + postage


The buyer has a period of 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods to return the goods without justification. After this period, any return of goods will be refused. The merchandise must be returned, with the purchase invoice, in new condition and suitable for resale, in its original condition and packaging, duly sealed. Any merchandise that has been used by the buyer even once, incomplete or damaged or whose packaging is damaged, will not be taken back, exchanged or refunded. The return costs remain the responsibility of the buyer who is responsible for the conditions of return of the goods and will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement of products that will be reimbursed is made within 30 days.

Article 9 – WARRANTY

YO PUBLISHING LLC cannot be responsible under the warranty for breakdowns or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the following cases:
- Any unprotected or prolonged storage.
- Any negligence, error in connection or handling, maintenance and use of equipment that does not comply with the technical specifications of the seller or manufacturer or, more generally, faulty or clumsy use.
- Any addition of additional device or accessory to the equipment or use of any parts necessary for the operation of the equipment that do not comply with the technical specifications of the seller or manufacturer.
- Any modification or mechanical, electronic, electrical or other transformation made to the equipment or its connection devices by any third party.
- In the event of bankruptcy or of impossibility of supply of the manufacturer, the customer cannot be turned over against YO PUBLISHING LLC, which will not assume any responsibility as regards guarantee on the products of this manufacturer.

- The customer cannot hold YO PUBLISHING LLC responsible for the after-sales service repair time

The duration of the guarantee is specified on the product sheet concerned on the site and on the invoice. If nothing is specified on the sheet and the invoice, the product is not guaranteed.
The warranty period starts from the date of delivery.