October 25, 2019

Feeling of being bad about yourself, more or less chronic stress , imbalances. Faced with these situations, more and more people are turning to alternative and natural solutions, including lithotherapy .

Amethyst, semi-precious fine stone, is particularly useful to find a balance . Indeed, thanks to its soothing properties, it allows you to put things into perspective to “find the happy medium ”. Amethyst promotes meditation , concentration and intuition to better develop creativity. We take stock of the virtues of this stone!

Origins of Amethyst

Amethyst comes from the Greek “amethystos”, from the verb méthyo which means “to be drunk”. The privative particle “a-” thus gives “who is not drunk”.

Classified in the category of fine stones, amethyst is a violet-colored quartz. It is considered the crystal of the spirit. So in history, it was worn by pharaohs and knights. This because they gave him the virtues of clairvoyance and luck in business.

Nowadays, Amethyst remains highly appreciated for its beautiful purple colors and the virtues attributed to it.

Amethyst in lithotherapy

Oscillating between alternative therapy and mysticism, lithotherapy is an energetic accompaniment with minerals with a view to well-being. In other words, stone treatments are called lithotherapy.

This holistic approach to care is based on the subtle influence that minerals can bring.

In the case of amethyst , it is attributed effects related to the appeasement of nervousness, stress , the dissipation of negative emotions such as anxiety or anger.

Indeed, contact with this stone has the virtue of promoting nervous, intellectual and sentimental balance .

Thus, amethyst provides peaceful sleep and positive energy .

Virtues of amethyst on the emotional and the spiritual

Amethyst is believed to have the power to promote mental calm. Ideal condition to facilitate a spiritual practice such as meditation or reiki . Also, the amethyst will have a privileged place for the activities of the mind requiring mental calm.

In this way, it allows depressed and anxious people to free themselves from the incessant cycle of thoughts that torment them. This mineral has purifying properties for the aura of the wearer.

In addition, amethyst will promote dreams and intuition. In this way, the mind will be able to pick up messages from the unconscious.

In the treatment of the chakras

Amethyst is linked to the crown chakra and the 3rd eye chakra. We recall here that the crown chakra is the link between you and the cosmos, infinity. It is thus the place of spirituality. To treat your seventh chakra, use this stone.

As for the 3rd eye chakra, it is related to intuition and in connection with the energy of amethyst . Finally, this stone is also linked to other chakras such as the solar plexus.

In addition, amethyst can be associated with other crystals in the treatment of the chakras .

Amethyst, for practitioners of meditation

This stone favors spiritual practices , such as meditation or reiki. Indeed, amethyst is known to promote calming of the mind. It allows depressed people to free themselves from the infernal cycle of negative thoughts.

This stone has properties that purify the wearer, giving them greater openness.

Promotes dreams

Amethyst is the predestined stone of people who have premonitory dreams. This because it promotes and develops intuition. The mind of the person who wears this stone will be more relaxed and open to subconscious messages. Which will encourage dreams.

Healing troubled relationships

Amethyst is a cold stone and for this reason it symbolizes calm and peace. Also, this stone can avoid you or to appease conflicting relationships whether in the professional or personal environment.

Amethyst will bring positive waves to a room or a house which will create a good atmosphere.

Against nervousness

Amethyst is a so-called balancing stone. Thus, it is beneficial in treating disorders of nervous origin. Take your amethyst in hand when you feel your nervousness rising in you. It is the same if you are subject to states of anxiety.

Against hallucination attacks

Amethyst is also known to calm hallucination attacks. Indeed, this crystal, symbol of wisdom, allows you to develop discernment within you, to reduce crises, to make you more calm and confident and to drive away hallucinatory crises.

For physical care

During treatment sessions for physical problems, the patient is asked to hold the amethyst in his hands. The therapist will place the various amethyst stones in the places of the body that need to be treated. It is often the heart or the lungs.

Then, if you feel pain in your neck and shoulders, consider amethyst . This crystal acts as a relaxant to relax the neck and shoulder muscles.

Migraines and headaches

If you chronically suffer from headaches and migraines, think: amethyst crystal . Lie down and close your eyes then place the crystal on your forehead and relax. You must then let the stone heal you on its own. The latter also acts in prevention provided you carry it with you.


With the crazy bustle that characterizes our world, we are often exhausted as our bodies are used beyond their normal limits. In order to repair your nervous system and relieve stress , spend a few minutes each day tapping into the power of amethyst crystals. It is also used for children who are prone to anger and outbursts of rage.

Improved blood circulation

Amethyst has beneficial effects in regulating blood circulation by lowering blood pressure. Thus, it lowers eye pressure and prevents phlebitis.

Against excesses and addictions

Amethyst is used to fight against excesses and addictions.

Amethyst frees from all kinds of addiction, and in particular from alcoholism. This stone makes it possible to support the "lack" and helps you not to relapse in the event of withdrawal. This crystal helps you free yourself from your dependence on various addictions.

Fight against insomnia

The calm created by amethyst in your mind and in your environment stimulates your sleep.

If you have difficulty falling asleep or are insomniac, put an amethyst under your pillow to find peaceful nights. Another choice, you can also put it on your bedside table.

How to use amethyst?

As with other crystals, you can wear amethyst as jewelry to enjoy its effects throughout the day. It is best placed directly on the skin

If you have skin problems such as wounds, abscesses, place your crystal directly on the wound.

At home, it will make a nice addition to your living rooms and will chase away bad vibes. Finally, it is possible to use it as an elixir for an internal effect.

To purify your environment, place your amethyst in your home and preferably at the corner of doors and windows.

For meditation , hold your crystal in your hands.

You can also carry your crystal in your pockets if it is not rough. Indeed, rough amethysts can tear your pockets.

How to recharge amethyst?

It must be remembered that upon contact with us, the stones discharge their virtues and therefore need energy recovery time. This time also includes a purification phase before reloading.

If you buy amethyst to treat an evil, you must observe some precautions.

When buying a new amethyst stone, consider deprogramming it first. Indeed, it is necessary to remove the negative energies that it has accumulated before.

For it to bring you the benefit you want, first rid it of probable negative energies that it may have accumulated before.

Then reprogram it by reciting over it the benefits you want it to bring you.

After use, soak it in spring water. Lightly salt this water and then immerse your crystal in it for a few hours.

Then, after this operation, expose your crystal to the light of the moon to recharge it. Amethyst is a cold crystal. Therefore, it should not be exposed to sunlight. At the risk that it loses the brilliance of its beautiful color. Indeed, it must be remembered that UV rays can alter its colors until it completely whitens.

Trick :

A good way to recharge your crystal is through the use of Amethyst Geodes. Put your crystal on the geode. Place it in the moonlight, preferably during the new moon. It takes at least about 3 hours of charging time.


Thus, the benefits of Amethyst are diverse and numerous. Acquiring, keeping and maintaining an Amethyst stone will improve the quality of your life for greater harmony and balance between you and others. Amethyst, a truly precious stone that will be your everyday ally.

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