Ce que cet artiste est capable de créer va vous bluffer (vidéo)

What this artist is capable of creating will amaze you (video)

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Today we have something completely different for you.

We met Django Ettori (French painter - visual artist born in 1974 in the Paris region), who produces absolutely sublime paintings.

His particuliarity ?

He paints…with a comb.

If you want to discover his technique, watch this video where he paints live:

Today, he has created a unique 'Words of Buddha' series, especially for you , Mybuddha customers.

The good news ?

It is that from today you can access his exclusive creations to decorate your interior and instantly give your home a more zen feeling.

The bad news?

It is that the canvases of his works are limited to only 100 copies per work.

Go here to discover his creations.


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