October 25, 2019

Stress is clearly the great evil of modern times. Pressure at work, accelerated pace of life, we no longer have time for anything, we feel overwhelmed, bound to performance at work as in personal life. This permanent and daily anxiety can easily lead to health and psychological problems.

You do not want to resort to allopathic medicines in particular to avoid any side effects? So opt for alternative solutions. You will find various soft and/or natural solutions there.

The range is vast. It can be, lithotherapy, the practice of meditation, aromatherapy, sport, etc. It is therefore urgent to take the means to de-stress and make life easier for you and those around you.

Approach to the definition of stress

Stress refers to any situation experienced as dangerous for our personal balance and which seems difficult to avoid or bear.

To help react against stress, the body produces adrenaline which increases heart rate, speeds up breathing and gives a boost of energy. Stress can be very useful and necessary in a situation requiring a rapid reaction or a particularly important effort. This is then the “good stress”. Only, there is “bad stress” which is not good.

But, beyond this “normal” stress, we all go through phases of more or less extreme stress because of our way of life. It can be due to work, sometimes going as far as burnout, or professional exhaustion. It can also be rooted in a phobia that paralyzes us. There are many sources in our lives. They reduce our patience and good humor to a trickle.

The frequency and intensity at which you are under stress can push you beyond your coping abilities and therefore make you more vulnerable.

Know how to recognize your stress and its symptoms

It is logical to think that before being able to regulate your stress, it is good to recognize the symptoms and its origin.

On a physical level, these are muscle tension, digestive problems, anxiety , sleep or appetite problems, headaches, dizziness, etc. Sometimes stress translates into skin problems like eczema or acne.

Psychological symptoms include restlessness, irritability, indecisiveness, anxiety , melancholy, difficulty concentrating, mood swings. In short, the stressed person no longer has the will to live, his self-esteem is at its lowest and depression awaits him.

In terms of relations with the outside world and others, we note in the stressed the negative perception of reality, disorganization, relational difficulties, the tendency to isolate themselves. Moreover the person tends to flee and to take refuge in the abuse of television, the increased consumption of tobacco, caffeine, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, drugs. Evasion behavior from situations that have become too complicated to handle.

Our opinion on natural anti-stress

These days, many people don't want to resort to synthetic molecules to relieve stress. They resolutely opt for prevention methods and natural medicines. This is to combat stress. This practice has been observed in all civilizations, from China, to India and in Greco-Roman antiquity.

After an eclipse, these techniques, which have proven their effectiveness, are making a comeback. In addition, new natural techniques have come to supplement this traditional knowledge.

Also, apart from the crisis of stress which can lead to serious pathological consequences such as a heart attack, it is preferable to have recourse to a natural method. Whether in prevention or therapy.

Natural solutions against stress

In this field of solutions and remedies against stress , there is a wide range in which everyone can find what best suits their state of anxiety and " ill-being ".

This recourse to this solution will make it possible to find an interior peace and a balance between the body and the spirit.

Here are some therapies.

Lithotherapy based on energy stones

The power of stones, designated by the term lithotherapy , is directly associated with the chakras. For an individual to feel good, it is believed that these 7 chakras must be balanced.

Depending on the source of the stress, one of the chakras is blocked. To release the energy center blocked by stress, lithotherapy is one of the recommended solutions.

However, it is necessary to know the source of your stress in order to be able to choose the stone that will make you feel better.

Amethyst, chalcedony... Stones not only enchant us with their colors, but they also contribute to our emotional well-being.


This stone helps you stay calm in all situations and keeps you away from all the ailments caused by intense nervousness . If you are often faced with stressful situations, amethyst helps you quickly find balance and brings you serenity. Stone of meditation, it also allows you to regulate your sleep and fight against insomnia. Place an amethyst under your pillow at night to help with sleep disturbances. Wear it on you during the day to fight against anxiety and stress.

The pink quartz

Rose quartz is the stone for you if you are often subject to extreme fears. This crystal with many soothing virtues is ideal for fighting against stress and anxiety. Stone of love, rose quartz treats stress in depth by eradicating even its side effects such as insomnia and ulcers. If you are coming out of a difficult situation, this stone will help you move forward and not relapse by eliminating your fears.

pink chalcedony

The vibrations emanating from pink chalcedony promote peace of mind and relax the body. Used regularly or occasionally, this stone relieves stress and anxiety . This stone will also help you express yourself more easily in public. Very practical for making an oral presentation in a professional setting.


Rhodonite is the ideal stone for maintaining balance between body and mind. Its calming and anti-stress properties will allow you to better control your emotions and impulses. In addition, it reduces your fears and your constraints and, thus, rhodonite allows you to be more receptive to others and to the world.


Aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils is well suited to combat stress. Here are 5 natural anti-stress oils: Essential oil of lavender, orange, tea tree, mint, rosemary.

These essential oils can be used in different ways: diffused, applied to the skin or mixed with bath water.


Yoga is a real remedy against stress, an art that comes to us from the Far East. If it is often practiced as a form of physical exercise, it is first and foremost an art of well-being. Yoga aims for the health of the body and the union between the physical and the spirit.

Yoga is a form of letting go, a moment for oneself in a world of dispersion and acceleration. The practice of yoga allows you to better manage stress by acting on the relaxation of the muscles, the spine and on breathing .

Practicing yoga regularly helps to achieve a level of serenity and calm. This is to relieve stress and restore balance between body and mind .


According to some, meditating for 5 minutes a day helps to de-stress. Meditation is for everyone and not just for mystics of all kinds. Its main point is to focus on the present moment, the here and now. The goal of meditation is to live in peace with oneself and with others.

Thus, the regular practice of meditation reduces aggressiveness develops memory and promotes restful sleep.


Relaxation is an ancient practice that has proven its worth. The method is simple: exercises make it possible to become aware of the differences between the sensations of tension and relaxation.

We know that stress can really tie the person and it's time to relax. There are several methods of relaxation. For example, lying down with your eyes closed, you begin a wide abdominal breath and you continue and relax your body and mind.

The sport

We have known for a long time that sport is an ally of health. Thus, the sport, not only brings its benefits to the body but it also resolves the nervous tensions and the states of stress.

Physical activity has a calming action thanks to endorphins, substances produced by the brain.

The latter strengthens resilience in the face of the trials of life and therefore to fight against stress.

Conclusion: What to Remember

Don't let stress pollute your life. Fight with the natural method or methods that suit you best to get rid of it.

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