La signification des pierres de naissance

The meaning of birthstones

Birthstones are precious or semi-precious stones associated with a calendar month, one of which is of animal origin, the pearl.

Since ancient times, a close connection has been established between a person's birth month and a certain gemstone called "Birth Month Stone or Gem".

And, it was from the Renaissance that the tradition of wearing the stone of the month of birth was extended to Europe.

Since then, new gems have been discovered, such as alexandrite and tanzanite, which have been added to the "traditional stones".

In lithotherapy, each birthstone has a special meaning and protective power for the person who wears it.

Indeed, they would bring luck, love, health and other benefits according to different ancestral beliefs and popular cultures.

Today, giving a loved one a jewel set with their birthstone is both a symbolic and unique way to celebrate their birthday!

Discover the properties and powers of these birthstones.

JANUARY stone - garnet

January has been associated with garnet since the Middle Ages.

Its fiery red color has earned it a blood bond. Thus, garnet was said to have the power to cure blood diseases. Then, that of protecting its holder from snake bites. Furthermore, garnet is a symbol of strength and love. This stone would also prevent nightmares.

It also has the virtues of providing a feeling of well-being, warding off nervousness and boosting energy. In love, garnet animates the passions.

A jewel with a garnet base will suit Valentine's Day well.

FEBRUARY Stone – Amethyst

It is a variety of purple quartz. When the amethyst is clear and of an almost pink color, it is called "Rose de France".

Amethyst is associated with the month of February. Violet in color, it is considered the stone of the spiritual journey. Violet is a color that helps in any spiritual process, evolution and self-knowledge.

This stone protects against alcoholism, relieves migraine, helps in case of sleep disorders, and is beneficial for the stomach, the liver, the eyes.

Above all, it symbolizes wisdom and strength.

MARS Stone - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. It is also associated with the sea because it calls forth the reflections of the ocean. This property earned him to become the emblem of sailors and fishermen who wear it like a talisman.

Aquamarine is also useful in cases of motion sickness, especially sea, air, or long-distance travel.

It also allows you to refocus on yourself, to live in harmony and sincerity and to free your creativity. It symbolizes elegance and delicacy.

APRIL stone - the diamond

The diamond comes from the Greek word adamas which literally means inflexible, unshakable or indomitable.

The hardest of all gems, as well as one of the brightest. It can be enjoyed without impurities and totally colorless

The diamond symbolizes love, giving it an eternal breath, like its composition that no element can alter. That is why it is very popular for engagement rings.

Diamond is also the gemstone that symbolizes peace and purity. It symbolizes the positive spirit and envelops our physical and mental bodies with an aura of protection. Finally, it is said that the diamond would also attract prosperity.

MAY stone - the green emerald

Emerald is the green variety of beryl, one of the four gemstones. Emerald often contains inclusions called "the emerald garden"

Stone of the month for May, the emerald is said to give its wearer eternal youth and unfailing health. Wearing a jewel containing a fraction of the element allows you to maintain good health. An emerald necklace or ring enhances friendship and love between two individuals.

It is also known to bring its holder wisdom and success, renewal and hope. It currently symbolizes fertility and fidelity.

JUNE stone - the moon pearl

The gem of the month for June is the moon pearl . This stone is the symbol of chastity and purity. It is worn on a ring or a necklace.

Thus, moonstone has long been associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love in ancient Greece.

This stone is a gem venerated by men since the dawn of time. Its medicinal powers have long been touted.

A true gift of nature today comes mostly from pearl farms. The evolution of the pearl represents the human misadventures that can lead to a happy ending.

Stone of JULY - the ruby

Ruby is a red corundum which is one of the 4 precious stones. All other colors of corundum are sapphires.

Ancient beliefs lent it the virtue of protecting its wearer against evil and evil spirits.

Ruby is known to attract luck and bring perseverance. It is a stone that gives courage, confidence and willpower.

The ruby ​​is a symbol of love and passion. This is why the ruby ​​is often offered as an engagement ring, or for a wedding anniversary gift.

AUGUST stone - peridot

Peridot is a luminous semi-precious stone with a green color.

This stone is a powerful detox that eliminates toxins. Peridot purifies the physical body and the mind.

It also helps to better understand the major upheavals in our lives. It is good against fatigue and repels negative energies. It helps to fight frustrations and shyness. It allows you to take a step back and maintain your energy level.

Peridot represents cheerfulness and hope.

Stone of SEPTEMBER - the sapphire

Sapphire is a corundum like ruby. Red is reserved for ruby, all other colors of corundum are sapphires, blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, purple and colorless.

Sapphire is a precious stone that is characterized by its magnificent brilliance and its famous blue color. It is this color that symbolizes the month of September. Sapphire reflects the sky and is associated with peace, serenity, purity, wisdom, loyalty and faith.

OCTOBER Stone - Tourmaline

The stone of the month for October is tourmaline, a light pink stone appreciated by all lovers of pastel colors. Stone of the heart and creativity, it soothes emotions and protects overly anxious hearts.

It is endowed with virtues which make it possible to drive away fears, to neutralize negative energies. Pink tourmaline has the virtue of providing love and sincere friendships. It is also the stone of poets, writers and artists. Indeed, tourmaline stimulates artistic imagination and creativity.

Moreover, black tourmaline is considered a sponge, as it is one of the most powerful stones to ward off negative energies.

NOVEMBER stone - citrine or golden topaz

Stone of the month for November, citrine is a luminous stone that gives those who wear it a joyful energy. This yellow-orange solar stone is known to give energy and success.

Symbol of joie de vivre, it promotes clarity of mind and meditation, preventing self-doubt and depression.

Golden topaz , also called imperial topaz, is a semi-precious stone with a golden yellow color.

It promotes motivation, good humor, confidence and self-esteem .

DECEMBER stone - blue topaz, turquoise or tanzanite

Blue topaz is the birthstone for those born in December. Its blue color is ultra bright and shiny. It is a symbol of fidelity and joy and has the power to give courage and ward off bad luck. This gem helps to keep calm and express oneself.

In the professional setting, it is said that blue topaz inspires talents, facilitates communication and the authority that naturally emerges from the person who wears it.

As for turquoise , it is a stone of protection against negative thoughts. Its sky color brings a source of balance and unification, a harmony of mind and body. In addition, it develops intuition and empathy and promotes states of meditation.

Finally, the blue color of tanzanite, verging on purple, makes it a stone with soothing properties. This stone leads to meditation and gentleness.

Traditionally, and because of its virtues, tanzanite is associated in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with the upper chakras at the top of the skull, at the level of the throat and the eyes.

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