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The Stones of Wealth

Since the dawn of time these stones have been used to attract wealth and material benefits. They are often used to increase one's fortune, bring abundance to the life of its owner and make his business grow, or they are worn with the aim of winning at games of chance (lotto, trifecta...).

The stones recommended to increase wealth are citrine , amber , hematite , amethyst .

lucky stones

Certain stones have long been known to attract luck. The positive energies that emanate from them help us to be lucky, to be there at the right time.

The stones advised to attract luck are amethyst , hematite , lapis lazuli , rhodonite , aventurine .

stress stones

These stones will help you in case of stress, anxiety, depression, wear them in necklaces, bracelets or pendants, on the skin. Keep them on when you take the shower, they will bring you calm and serenity.

The stones recommended to fight against stress are rhodonite , amethyst , aventurine , carnelian , rose quartz , moonstone , amber , tiger's eye .

The Stones of Love

To wear to attract love and friendship, to promote strong bonds in the couple. These stones help shy people or those who have conflicting relationships, at work or in their surroundings.

The stones to attract Love are rose quartz , aventurine , carnelian , lapis lazuli , rhodonite , moonstone (for women), tiger's eye (for shy people).

Rose quartz is particularly suitable for difficult children and adolescents).

meditation stones

These stones increase the vibrational energy, they are an aid for our personal development and help to access different planes.

To wear on your person, as jewelry, to string like a rosary, to put in the palm of your hand during meditation to feel its energy...

The stones recommended for meditation are amethyst , lapis lazuli , rose quartz , agate , hematite , carnelian .

protective stones

To be worn as jewellery, pendants or in your pocket, against physical and psychological attacks, against life's accidents. We also wear them to counter the negative influences of those around us, when we are the prey of criticism, gossip, jealousy.

Protective stones are black obsidian , amethyst , rock crystal , onyx , tiger's eye , labradorite .

Traveler's Protection Stones

To protect oneself during physical journeys or in the astral world.

The traveler 's protection stones are aquamarine , moonstone , tiger's eye .

stones against the evil eye

These stones are powerful to fight against evil spirits, bad vibes, bad luck.

The stones against the evil eye are amber , agate , lapis lazuli , tiger's eye .

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Marié chantal
Marié chantal

September 14, 2022

je recherche un galet qui attire la chance pour porté sur soi Merci

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