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Low self-esteem may put an end to your plans. The fear of not deserving success should alert you to self-esteem and self- confidence . The fear of failure is normal, because failure must be taken into account. It's part of the game and it can happen.

But, this fear should not hold you back. She just needs to make you more aware. If, before starting, you create a thousand excuses for not even trying, you believe that you are not intelligent enough, solar, confident, charismatic, etc. So that means you have to work on self-confidence.

According to lithotherapy, a thousand-year-old soft medicine, the stones would contain positive waves and could be a real support for daily problems. Applied to the body, worn as jewelry or simply placed in a room, the stones can improve self-confidence and help you overcome your blockages. Decryption!

The most useful stones for self-confidence


Amethyst , in addition to increasing self-confidence, is a stone that gives courage and allows you to better manage events and emotions . It also helps to make decisions, to assume its responsibilities and to act in a constructive and effective way. Amethyst is a stone of protection against all kinds of negativity. It offers a thin shield that helps ward off the effects of bad energies from people and environments. This stone is also useful for harmonizing the energy of the house.


Garnet is a re-energizing stone that has a cubic crystal system.

It is a perfect stone to achieve greater self-esteem and greater self-confidence. This stone gives optimism and hope.

If you see obstacles everywhere, use a nice garnet and that obstacle will no longer be like something unbeatable, but more of an attractive challenge. Garnet also develops perseverance , with self-confidence it will bring you to the realization of your projects.

tiger's eye

Tiger's eye helps us to move forward and evolve, since it allows us to have a clear vision in the case of confusing situations and to make the right decisions. Tiger's eye is connected to the third chakra and is related to one's personal power, willpower and integrity. It is the stone of the true spiritual warrior, which accentuates the ability to understand, brings balance in judgment and the management of one's power. Precious for people lacking self-confidence, it will bring you courage, perseverance and will.

Lapis lazuli

A sacred stone in ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli connects us to the energy of the cosmos. It allows us to see things more clearly and to be more objective.

Indeed, it is a stone of communication which facilitates the expression of one's feelings and emotions. Lapis lazuli is well suited to shy people . Because it boosts self-confidence. It gives courage to people who want to move forward and want to go beyond their limits to meet and win challenges.


Amazonite is the stone of communication , which is why it is called the “stone of truth”. Because, it helps us to express our true thoughts and feelings without hyperemotivity.

Amazonite is recommended for people who lack self-confidence. Then who are also too worried about the opinion and judgment of others, and negative thoughts. Amazonite protects these people, as it is a joyful and very calming stone.


The turquoise stone allows you to calm down and calm any form of anger. It also helps to increase empathy. Turquoise will develop personal fulfillment and thus promote expression with others through communication and listening.

The turquoise stone helps on the psychological level and in this sense, the renewed confidence makes it possible to develop communication with others. Empathy is there. Mood is stabilized, anger subsides and inner calm is found.


Aquamarine is mainly a stone that will facilitate communication with others, it will allow you to be better understood and also to better express your ideas.

Aquamarine is a stone of great affinity with sensitive people, among other things it will help these people to gain self-confidence, it will also facilitate compassion.

Indeed, aquamarine is a stone of communication, it can only be beneficial to introverted or shy people who have difficulty expressing themselves in society. This stone gives dynamism, the desire to evolve, to grow, to move forward in new projects. Aquamarine contributes to forging a personality.

green onyx

Green onyx is said to help build self-esteem, control and self-confidence. It would stabilize people with an inconstant character and give strength to face the upheavals of life. Catalyst for a successful meditation, it would help to find what one seeks there, therefore to better see the true nature of things. Onyx gives strength and support in difficult circumstances.

This stone brings self-confidence and the power to be comfortable in one's environment. Onyx balances the Yin and Yang energies , namely the feminine and the masculine according to Chinese tradition. Onyx is in a way a catalyst for feeling good with oneself and with others. Something to restore self-confidence.

The pink quartz

Rose quartz , which brings relaxation, peace and inner harmony, can also help you regain lost self-confidence and repair emotional wounds. This stone also stimulates the imagination and intellect, opening the heart to inner peace, self-love and self-esteem.

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline has a rhombohedral crystal system. Use it especially if excessive stress prevents you from seeing clearly, from grasping what life has to offer.

If you feel physically and intellectually unattractive, she will be able to boost you.

Black tourmaline is one of the most important protective stones in lithotherapy. It has indeed a power of absorption of negative energies, which it sends back to the Earth. For this reason, it is used as a treatment to cleanse the aura. Black tourmaline helps to gain and keep self-confidence, to believe in oneself. Also, it helps to transform pessimism into optimism.

orange calcite

Orange calcite is a stone that promotes vitality, amplifies inspiration, develops optimism and builds self-confidence. Unlike a number of other stones, orange calcite imparts gentle energy. This stone basically gives stability. If you have a rather pessimistic outlook on life, then this is the right stone for you, as it will help you regain the self-esteem that you have lost.


Citrine , positive and stimulating, promotes the joy of living and success. It is recommended for adolescence to allow them to better express and establish their personality. It will boost shy, self-effacing people who lack self-confidence. And in times of doubt, even depressive tendency, citrine will be of great help.

On a daily basis, this stone can be worn as a pendant, over clothing.

How to use crystals for self-confidence?

Once you find the stone that suits your needs, there are several ways to use it to increase your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance. It is up to you to find the best ways for your lifestyle to use your stones.

Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate your stones into your daily life.

Wear your crystals around your neck, allowing them to fall close to your heart.

Let your crystal be a personal talisman to help remind you that you are worthy.

Start your day by connecting with your crystals.

Find a quiet space and sit comfortably on the ground, connecting to the Earth. Hold your stones in the palms of your hand or place them on the ground in front of you.

Place your stone on your desk at work, or in any room in your home.

Confidently carry your crystals with you in your purse or pocket.

Each time you touch your crystal , visualize it bringing you luck and uplifting your spirits and self-esteem.


For the action of the stones to be more effective, you must leave behind what has not worked in the past and focus on what has worked well. Always remember to stay true to who you are, and stay steady as you face new challenges. There may still be a few defeats along the way, but as long as you remain mindful, nothing can diminish your inner confidence or stop you from pursuing your passion.

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