“Heart Sutra” Ring

A ring engraved with Chinese characters.

The "heart sutra" ring is a wide open ring. It is engraved with all the Chinese characters that form the heart sutra. The engravings are black. The inside of the ring also bears a series of highly symbolic Chinese characters. The ring is entirely made of 925 sterling silver.

The "heart sutra" ring is a ring for all people who appreciate elegant symbolic jewelry. Engraved with black characters, the ring goes perfectly with all styles of clothing. It was also designed for those who wish, at all times, to remember the founding precepts of life. The Heart Sutra is considered the most important in Buddhist philosophy. It contains a profound teaching on the meaning of life. This ring is therefore also intended for people who are interested in philosophies, in a global way.

Among the many advantages of the “heart sutra” ring, we particularly appreciated:

  • the open ring shape which makes it possible to adapt to all finger sizes,
  • accuracy in reproducing the Chinese characters of the Heart Sutra,
  • the material of manufacture, of high quality,
  • the thickness of the ring which makes it particularly solid.

Carry the founding precepts of life with you thanks to this pretty “heart sutra” ring!

Features :
Type: ring ring
Material: 925 sterling silver
Ring thickness: 1.2 mm
Ring width: 11.6 mm
Approximate weight: 5.8g

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