Turquoise Tibetan ring

This Tibetan turquoise ring is surmounted by a turquoise, a semi-precious stone, set in the support. In Tibetan culture, wearing a Buddhist ring represents the union between the material world in which we live and the spiritual world. Associated with this semi-precious stone that is turquoise, it brings purification to dissipate negative disorders, electromagnetic energies, but also nightmares and depression.

This stone provides protection against environmental pollutants. Turquoise also has the particularity of helping the person to fight shyness to bring him to have a better vision of himself by also leading him to develop his personal fulfillment. It is a precious help, because it leads us to understand ourselves so that our thoughts and our actions allow us to be more successful in what we undertake in reality, because it restores cheerfulness and strength to be able to carry out difficult tasks.

This Tibetan turquoise ring will allow you to achieve the inner calm necessary for your development, to protect you from any form of panic attack, and will stimulate romanticism in love.

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