"Tree of life of the 7 Chakras" earrings in natural stones

These superb "Tree of life of the 7 Chakras" earrings in semi-precious natural stones will bring a Zen note, but also an elegant one, to your face while making you benefit from the benefits and other virtues linked to the different stones that compose them. They are handmade with a length of about 5 cm.

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol for both Buddhists and Hindus, as it represents the unbreakable link between heaven and earth. It is present, or represented, also in many cultures which attribute the same sacred character to it.

The stones used are linked directly to the chakras, your energy centers. They come to harmonize them on a daily basis to advantageously promote your physical and mental state, and when your chakras are in "danger", they rebalance them or unblock them to improve your general well-being in order to restore a beneficial inner balance.

These superb "Tree of Life of the 7 Chakras" earrings in natural stones will coordinate very well with your different daily outfits and will gratify you with their benefits without you even having to think about it. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive them without delay.

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