bohemian earrings

Affirm your spirit of freedom by wearing these beautiful bohemian earrings with sparkling and colorful beads that will go perfectly with each of your outfits, whether simple, trendy or even vintage. Their teardrop shape is beautifully thought out and worked with great care to give them real style. The meticulous work carried out with the stones is reminiscent of a superposition of drops. Their shape and size allow you to put them on very easily. You will enjoy wearing them to embellish your ears and stand out from the traditional earrings that are too common.

Halfway between the Orient and bohemian, or even India, express your bohemian state of mind with confidence with these bohemian earrings that will make the envy of your friends and attract all eyes, whatever either the color you have chosen. Black, brown, beige or even green, sapphire or multi-colour? And why not several colors to vary the pleasures!

One, two, three… they will be yours by clicking on the “Add to basket” button above now. Do not hesitate any longer, treat yourself and let yourself be tempted by these very beautiful bohemian earrings !

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