“Tree of life and 7 Chakras” earrings

This pair of "tree of life and 7 chakras" earrings is made of natural stones, each of which has the color of the chakra that corresponds to it. A small mental tree of life completes this pair of earrings.

The ambient stress of our current society generates in most people an imbalance of their energy centers (also called chakras). It is enough that only one of our energy centers is blocked and it is all the energy that no longer circulates inside our body. This can have consequences at all levels: physical, mental, psychic and emotional.

These "tree of life and 7 chakras" earrings are made respecting the color codes of the 7 chakras, namely: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Emperor's Stone, Eye of Tiger, Amber and Red Agate, in order to resonate with each chakra. It is the balance of these stones that can participate in the rebalancing of the Chakras.

This pair of “Tree of life and 7 chakras” earrings , in addition to being very elegant, will improve your well-being. Adopt this magnificent jewel by clicking on "Add to cart".

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