Natural Amazonite Earrings

With their soft color, these natural Amazonite earrings will give you a graceful and absolutely refined charm.

Natural Amazonite is a semi-precious stone that has beneficial properties for anyone who wears it, starting with its particularity in rebalancing the magnetic fields disturbed by the polluting waves generated by electrical appliances that invade our environments, computers, cell phones or microwaves, to name but a few.

In addition, Amazonite is a purifying and sanitizing stone that focuses its action on the mental and emotional level as well as on our affective areas. It provides relaxation and calm to effectively fight against stress, in particular to improve sleep. It is a real support to help better manage or apprehend a separation. For lovers, this stone increases tenderness, harmonizes the couple to strengthen ties in order to preserve happiness.

On the mental level, Amazonite is of proven effectiveness which gives a feeling of freedom to promote expression. It also frees thought and imagination, bringing creativity to express itself better.

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