“Love & Relationships” Bracelet in Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Moonstone

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- Original design created by Mybuddha
- Only available on Mybuddha
- Certified natural stones (AAA quality) and 925 silver

- Comes with a nice gift box and a user manual


What pretty sweet colors for this superb 3-stone bracelet "Love & Relations" stamped MyBouddha which is completed to personalize it with a 925 silver medallion engraved with the name of our brand. Something to please you with this pretty jewel, but not only for its visual appearance.

The beads used are 8 mm for the Rose Quartz from Madagascar and the Rhodochrosite from South Africa and 12 mm for the Moonstone bead from Sri Lanka.

They have been assembled in a beautiful coordination on a high resistance stretchable support to allow you to keep your jewel for a very long time.

This premium bracelet is made up of 3 powerful love stones

Rose Quartz

There is no longer any need to prove that Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It brings calm, peace, love and respect. Therefore, it is linked to the heart chakra. His powers focus mainly on feelings, relationships, love and / or friendship, even if he is granted the ability to fight the negative waves of our environment to protect us.

In any case, Rose Quartz is first and foremost the stone of lovers, because it strengthens feelings, promotes gestures of tenderness towards others and helps to balance harmony, in particular by exhausting negative energies. It restores self-confidence, but also confidence in general while keeping enemies at a safe distance.

As it is also a stone of relaxation and appeasement, it will develop empathy in order to be more open towards others, whose sensitivity and receptivity it will also increase. It will support the mental by allowing the person to dominate the possible emotional attacks and the emotional sufferings.


The chakras linked to Rhodochrosite are the solar plexus and the heart, which is why it will have an important role in regulating feelings on the one hand and emotions on the other. Rhodochrosite is therefore, among other virtues, a stone of compassion and love which helps to free oneself from deep-seated wounds and to acquire positive dispositions on a daily basis. In meditation, it is recommended for its ability to renew the energies of its wearer. In the same way, it reduces stress, calms related crises and improves self-confidence. Rhodochrosite would be excellent for regulating the sugar present in the blood and eliminating various toxins contained in the kidneys or the liver and would play a saving role on the stomach by soothing ulcers. It would dissipate sleep-related disorders, revitalize the nervous system.

Moon stone

It is recognizable by its milky white color whose bluish reflections give it its name. It is particularly recommended for the fairer sex on whom it will have beneficial effects by promoting inner balance. It is a stone that encourages calm and appeasement. It develops several aspects of women, starting with maternal love and intuition strengthens, the sweetness and tenderness that it improves, the tolerance that it improves and the too extreme temperaments that it calms down.


This very beautiful "Love & Relations" 3-stone bracelet stamped MyBouddha will look great on your arm while adorning you with these beautiful virtues. To receive it, click "Add to Cart" now.

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