Jasper Buddha Bracelet

While being of the same color tone, each stone of this Bracelet is different and their speckled aspect so particular brings an additional charm. This Jasper Buddha Bracelet is made of high quality speckled Jasper, small silver plated metal beads and a small Buddha head in the center. Its expandable 19 cm diameter is designed to fit all wrists.

Jasper, which takes its name from the Latin "Japsidem", is frequently used in lithotherapy for its beneficial properties, as it acts directly on the chakras of our body. It allows those who wear it to center themselves better and it amplifies their courage. The Buddha head in the center of the bracelet is a symbol of inner peace, wisdom and wealth. It helps with concentration in meditation. Among Buddhists, the representation of Buddha symbolizes compassion, benevolence and altruism. It is also considered a lucky charm leading to prosperity while bringing serenity and tranquility.

Get this very pretty Jasper Buddha Bracelet which will perfectly represent your wisdom while being a very beautiful jewel on your wrist. It will be discreet and full of charm by highlighting your everyday outfits. Think zen with this Jasper Buddha Bracelet by clicking "Add to Cart" now.


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