Tiger eye buddha bracelet

This Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet is not just a simple bracelet. Its many virtues also make it an unparalleled protective bracelet whose primary feature is to keep negative energies at a distance so that they do not reach you. In addition, it has the power to balance your own vital energies and help you solve any concentration problems you may encounter.

The beneficial properties of Tiger's Eye are no longer to be demonstrated as they have been proven for a long time. This stone is widely used in lithotherapy, because it balances the yin and yang that are in each being by letting only positive waves reach us.

Very beautiful with the warm colors of its stones, associated with the head of Buddha for the wisdom, serenity and inner peace attributed to it, this Tiger's Eye Buddha Bracelet, light to wear, will only offer you benefits that you quickly see all the benefits. Its diameter is 19 cm and its quality stretchy thread makes it suitable for all wrists.

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