maitreya buddha bracelet

This very pretty Maitreya Buddha Bracelet is a superb creation in a Zen spirit combining the Buddha and the semi-precious stones, each of which carries natural properties.

In China, the laughing Buddha is nicknamed "the affectionate", because Maitreya comes from Sanskrit which means "friendly" or "benevolent". The opulent belly of the Buddha Maitreya is defined as being a guarantee of prosperity and his smile as a guarantee of happiness. It is the very symbolism of meditation, happiness, fullness and luck. In Asian culture, representations of the Buddha Maitreya, whatever the form, are considered a real good luck charm on all levels, including with regard to health.

Simple and absolutely timeless, this Maitreya Buddha Bracelet will allow you to always keep this laughing Buddha close to you as a sign of happiness and luck so that he directs you to wealth and prosperity by taking advantage of his blessings. A very nice gift to offer yourself, to offer to your loved ones or to be offered for fun in order to access the best, it is by clicking on “Add to basket” without delay.

Features :
Strap length: 19cm
Bead diameter: 8mm

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