Protection bracelet in natural red tiger eye beads

This beautiful Natural Red Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet is made of high quality 10 mm semi-precious stones carefully selected and polished to give them a superb finish. It is mounted on an elastic cord to adapt perfectly to your wrist.

Tiger's Eye is an exceptional stone both for its appearance, its brown color with multiple reflections and for the beneficial properties it has. Its therapeutic virtues are widely recognized in lithotherapy and considered to be the most protective.

On its own, it is a real protective shield that keeps the negative energies that it sends back to its sender at bay, as well as all kinds of harmful waves while preserving your positive energies. Moreover, it balances Yin and Yang, helps to improve concentration and courage, develops intuition and concentration and dispels agitation, fears and anxieties to access more serenity. The many virtues of Tiger's Eye help keep your vital energy in good balance.

This magnificent bracelet in natural red tiger eye beads will wrap you in all its protection to preserve you on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to bring this very beautiful jewel by clicking on "Add to basket" now.

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