Bracelet in natural Bodhi seeds, coconut and olive beads

Wearing a jewel made from Bodhi seeds is a real tribute that you will pay tribute to Buddha while being a superb jewel full of charm.

Bodhi seeds are especially respected when harvesting. They are never removed from their tree, but picked up when they fall by themselves. The tree from which they come would be the one under which Buddha, then called Siddharta Gautama, would have found enlightenment, hence the sacred spirit attributed to them and the respect dedicated to them. The Bodhi seed is very appreciated for its exceptional solidity, its unequaled hardness and its absolutely undeformable quality. This makes it a material of choice for various confections, such as jewelry.

In order not to impair their beauty and quality, it is wise to avoid contact with water which could alter their magnificence and shine, or even cause them to swell.

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