Wild Yak Bone Bracelet

This very beautiful wild Yak bone bracelet is made up of 43 beads, with a diameter of 8 x 3 mm in genuine Yak bone, entirely hand-sculpted with motifs of suns, moons, signs of crosses and Tibetan totems as well as an engraved Thai silver bead. All mounted on an adjustable braided lace, each end of which ends with a small pearl. It is designed to fit all wrists.

For a natural effect, this superb Wild Yak Bone Bracelet will do wonders as much for its particularity, its sculpted effects as for its color, which is perfectly easy to coordinate with any everyday outfit.

This Wild Yak Bone Bracelet reflects the Tibetan culture both by the design of the jewel itself and by the impressions that are brought to it or the method of craftsmanship by which it was created. Moreover, it is a jewel that will suit both women and men without distinction.

By clicking on "Add to cart" now, you will receive a truly exceptional jewel that you will have great pleasure in wearing both for its design and its pleasant lightness.

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