Bracelet in natural Amethyst stones

This magnificent Bracelet in natural Amethyst stones consists of stones of different sizes, which gives it a style of pure elegance. The stick beads are interspersed with silver beads and a slightly darker central ball stone.

The properties of amethyst are particularly powerful and come to promote your well-being. Among these properties, it is soothing, because it fights against stress and nervous tension, calms in periods of anger. It has the specificity of bringing clarity to the mind in order to lead to more logical and reasonable reflections. Finally, it balances in case of hypersensitivity to find a certain tranquility.

On a mental level, it promotes intellect and concentration to improve creativity. It is for this reason that Amethyst is considered to be the stone of all artists who use their spirit in the realization of their works.
It is effective in combating sadness, anxieties as well as various afflictions, such as melancholy, sorrows due to bereavement and other sorrows.

The pearls selected for their extreme quality are assembled on a high-density stretch support so that it is resistant over time. The circumference of the jewel is approximately 19 cm and can fit most wrists.

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