evil eye protection bracelet

It is with rigorous care that this very beautiful Evil Eye Protection Bracelet has been crafted, in the shape of an eye, with top quality sparkling Swaroski crystals, in order to offer you a truly exceptional piece of jewellery. With its sparkles, it will endow you with undeniable elegance. In addition, this eye which is very popular is a protector that preserves evil, bad luck and the evil eye, which could be all around you. It also protects against bad luck, jealousy of others and malevolence. When you wear it, it is a good idea to inspect it regularly, because Muslim culture specifies that if the eye breaks or cracks, it has fulfilled its role of protector to ward off any malevolence against you.

This beautiful evil eye protection bracelet is made of copper and designed to fit all wrists with its adjustable size. Copper helps you fight infections through its anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious action. It also helps you fight rheumatic pains. It is an ally of the immune system which stimulates it.

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