Shamballa and Pixiu Bracelet in Obsidian

This very beautiful Shamballa and Pixiu bracelet in Obsidian has a central bead with the effigy of Pixiu of 12 mm. The Pixiu, or Chinese lion, is a highly prized Chinese emblem, as it is considered a true protector. This creature belongs to Chinese mythology and would be protective on the one hand and would attract money on the other.

Your Shamballa and Pixiu Bracelet in Obsidian has benefited from the greatest care in its realization, both in the choice of high quality stones and during its manufacture, which is done entirely by hand. It ends with a sliding knot allowing you to easily adapt it to the size of your wrist.

Associated with Obsidian, the Pixiu deploys a very auspicious protection to those who will wear it. As for Obsidian, it is the most protective and effective stone there is. Which makes it the most complete stone of all. It keeps all negative energies away from its wearer. It supports in times of anguish and other anxiety by soothing the mind.

Equip yourself with the most protective of stones with this superb Obsidian Shamballa and Pixiu Bracelet that you will wear with pleasure by clicking on "Add to basket" now.

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