Bracelets of the 7 Chakras


Our body has seven chakras distributed from bottom to top in alignment with the spine. They are our energy centers. When they are balanced and in perfect harmony, our whole being benefits from these benefits, whether mentally, emotionally, intellectually, but also physically. Hence the importance of taking care of them and acting so that they do not become unbalanced. Each chakra corresponds to a stone and its color.

These superb Bracelets of the 7 Chakras are therefore a direct response to your chakras. Each semi-precious stone that composes it will play its role in bringing you the well-being that you need on a daily basis. Amethyst for purple corresponds to the crown chakra, turquoise blue for the third eye chakra, dark blue Lazurite for the throat chakra, green Howlite for the heart chakra, yellow with Tiger's Eye for that of the solar plexus, orange with Amber for the sacral chakra and red with red Agate for the root chakra.

To no longer be out of energy, to no longer suffer from an imbalance of your chakras due to the harmful waves and negative energies that surround you and whose consequences you necessarily suffer, consider equipping yourself with these Bracelets of the 7 Chakras which will not will only bring well-being. Click "Add to Cart" without delay. Being well in your life and in your body is priceless.

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