Natural stone bracelets on braided and waxed cord


These pretty models of Bracelets in natural stones on braided and waxed cord are exclusively designed by hand and tied with a sliding knot, called lucky knot, to allow you to adjust it perfectly to your wrist. Each end ends with a matching stone bead.

These bracelets in natural stones on a braided and waxed cord, as pretty as they are discreet, are offered to you individually, in duos and even in trios to exert even more charm on your entourage who will not remain insensitive to the elegance they produce. .

- Brown Jasper model for strengthening, rebirth and personal refocusing. Helping in difficult situations for better event management.
- Black Agate model for stability, courage, perseverance, security and self-confidence as well as protecting inner peace.
- Amazonite model for relaxation, calm and against stress, but also to promote expression.

Choose from these 3 models of natural stone bracelets on braided and waxed cord the one that charms you and click without delay on "Add to basket" to receive your selection as soon as possible.

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