Tiger eye bead mantra bracelet


For the design of this superb mantra bracelet in Tiger's Eye bead , beads with a diameter of 8 mm have been rigorously selected to offer you a jewel of extreme quality. To bring it an additional touch of originality, flat and colored beads have been associated as well as a cylindrical bead on which is inscribed a mantra.

The Tiger's Eye beads that make up this bracelet are semi-precious stones that have the particularity of possessing beneficial properties for anyone who wears them. Tiger's Eye provides the vital balance between Ying and Yang. Widely used in lithotherapy, this stone helps to soothe fears, dissipate depression, stress and agitation. It promotes concentration, amplifies courage and acts as a real protective shield against negative energies to keep them at bay. On its own, it is an excellent stone of protection that will only gratify you with benefits.

By adopting this magnificent mantra bracelet in Tiger's Eye pearl, you are giving yourself the chance to take full advantage of all the beneficial properties of these stones to maintain an undeniable well-being on a daily basis. Don't hesitate to save yourself by clicking "Add to Cart" right now to get yours.

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