Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner


This superb ceramic waterfall incense burner is a suitable holder for backflow incense cones. By placing the incense, once lit, on the top of the perforated support, the smoke escapes from below producing a bewitching flow effect whose velvets descend along the support. The visual effect will be magical and will charm you as much as it will amaze you.

Burning incense activates your olfactory receptors allowing your brain waves to respond. It is through this action that the brain transmits signals causing the phenomenon of soothing well-being or energy on your physical state depending on the scents you use. The incense with soothing scents will give you rest, relaxation and well-being while the energizing perfumes will restore a certain vitality to you.

This ceramic waterfall incense burner is the censer you need to awaken your olfactory receptors while enjoying the benefits of your scented incense and cleaning up the atmosphere of your living space or any place where you are. find. Take advantage of this charming censer quickly by clicking on "Add to cart" now, it will be delivered to you with 10 backflow incense cones so that you can use it upon receipt.

Features :

20cm high, 11cm wide and 10cm deep

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