Flower of life half moon pendant

You will love this superb pendant composed of a flower of life surrounded by a half moon . This object which combines fashion and tradition will go perfectly with all your outfits.

For more than 5000 years, the flower of life , made up of 19 circles, has been known in many cultures around the world as a powerful symbol of energy. Egyptians trust its positive effect as much as religious people in Tibet, Japan or Greece. The Flower of Life helps clear blockages that hinder the energy system. Vital energy can flow freely again, and we are full of energy. With the Flower of Life, reserve helps spiritual harmony in everyday life! In addition, this magic symbol is often used as a tool for architecture, meditation or to energize water, food and places or even to protect oneself from waves.

Wearing this symbol on us when we are tired will allow our body to revitalize.

Diameter of the flower of life: 20mm
Necklace length: 45cm

This pendant is available in 6 different colors.

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