Collier des 7 chakras-Mybouddha
Collier des 7 chakras-Mybouddha
Collier des 7 chakras-Mybouddha
Collier des 7 chakras-Mybouddha

7 chakra necklace

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This very pretty necklace of the 7 chakras is composed of a pendant whose semi-precious stones are aligned one above the other like the chakras along our spine. It is adjustable according to the length you want.

The stones used have been selected for their high quality and to respond to each of the chakras by providing the benefits attributed to them. Red Agate, Amber, Tiger's Eye, Green Howlite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst will be the allies that will allow your chakras to be in harmony in order to keep your vital energy in good balance. And when the chakras are balanced, your overall well-being reaps all the benefits. You will feel more stable with improved self-confidence. You will gain better management of your emotions, dynamism and strength of resistance.

This necklace of the 7 chakras , although discreet, will fill you with its benefits by providing you with true inner peace as well as an essential emotional and spiritual stability and will go wonderfully with any outfit.

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