Genuine leather necklace and natural Pyrite pebble

This superb necklace in genuine leather and natural Pyrite pebble is equipped with a lobster-type carabiner clasp nicely decorated with a heart. The 45 cm choker necklace perfectly showcases the magnificent semi-precious stone pendant. The realization of the set is executed by hand in an artisanal way.

Pyrite is a particularly interesting stone for people who may be prone to anemia, because its iron content is high, and therefore very beneficial for the body. In addition, Pyrite significantly improves resistance to counter any form of fatigue, even when it is intellectual. It is also an effective aid in the development of intellectual abilities and supports memory in order to improve it. Finally, this stone also participates in helping people in their personal organization.

This jewel exudes a romantic charm with a slightly bohemian and resolutely natural spirit that will delight as much by the beauty of its sublime reflections as by its simplicity and the undeniable beneficial properties of the stone. To receive your Genuine Leather and Natural Pyrite Pebble Necklace , click "Add to Cart" now.

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