Ceramic Buddha censer

The particularity of this ceramic Buddha censer is that the smoke escapes from the incense from below. As a result, it occurs as a "flowing" effect along the effigy of Buddha until it spreads out in his hand. This impression of a flowing "water source" provides a superb visual effect and a surprising well-being. Burning incense at home helps calm emotions, especially when they are negative, improves sleep, soothes different forms of anxiety, reduces fatigue, depending on the different incense variants used.

Burning incense helps to awaken our olfactory receptors, the smells activate our brain waves causing our brain to react by sending signals to our body, influencing our physical and mental state. This is why the choice of perfume and the moment when we burn the incense has a direct impact on our internal reactions. A calming scent will be preferable when you are nervous or close to bedtime, while an energizing scent will be chosen in the morning or during the day if you need to be boosted.

This ceramic Buddha censer is to be used with backflow cones also on sale on the shop. Adopt your Ceramic Buddha Censer to bring Zen scents to your home by clicking on “Add to basket”.

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