Prayer and healing mala 108 ceramic beads

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The Mala for prayer and healing 108 ceramic beads has its origin in the Buddhist and Hindu tradition for which 108 would be the number of names that Buddha would have. While for yogis, it would correspond to the number of yoga postures. Its name means "meditation garland". It is used with fervor in the practice of yoga, but also by all spiritual people or in search of spirituality. The fact of counting the pearls one by one while reciting the mantras allows the subject to acquire a great concentration essential during any moment of meditation and to find the necessary balance.

Acquiring this balance and this concentration leads the spiritual to half-open his horizon, which leads him to become aware of the riches of which his existence is composed. He also sees every aspect more distinctly, including the harder to see and darker ones.

This Prayer and Healing Mala 108 Ceramic Beads is offered to you in a superb combination of colors with beads with a diameter of 6 mm. Click "Add to Cart" without delay to get your 108 Ceramic Beads Prayer and Healing Mala right now.

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