Orange Marble Onyx Beaded Mala with Spiritual Charm


Marble Onyx is a variety of chalcedony which has the particularity of calming conflicts, in particular disputes related to couples and lovers. It restores trust in others. This stone would also relieve various physical ailments.

This magnificent Mala in orange marble Onyx beads with spiritual charm is made up of 108 beads that are shelled as required by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, from where it acts as a meditation support during the recitation of mantras by the monks. . 108 being the number of names attributed to Buddha among Buddhists, while it represents the number of postures in yoga.

This mala whose beads have a generous diameter of 8 mm can be worn either as a necklace or a bracelet wrapped around the wrist, preferably the left, because it is commonly the side known to be the receiver of good energies.

To quickly obtain your Mala in orange marble Onyx beads with spiritual charm, choose the charm you prefer among "The Tree of Life", the "Lotus Flower", the "Om" symbol in large or small model, the " Buddha" or the "Wings" of an angel, then click on "Add to cart" as soon as possible.

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