Mala "immunity and balance" in amethyst

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This Mala in Amethyst stones is designed in high quality semi-precious stones to offer you their beauty and the multiple benefits of their properties. Powerful and precious, Amethyst promotes concentration and stimulates creativity. It is highly recommended for artists and all creators who appeal to their imagination by clearing their minds. Amethyst soothes worries and other unwanted and disruptive anxieties. It eliminates the stress and the various nervous tensions, reduces the sorrows as well as the various sorrows and calms the angers, the hypersensitivity, the tensions. Being an energy stabilizing stone, it increases the energies of the stones with which it is associated.

This Mala in Amethyst stones is particularly recommended for anyone who needs to maintain optimal concentration, either in daily activities or for meditation and yoga, as well as people who are too sensitive or stressed. The Lotus flower attached to the mala is a highly valued symbol for Buddhists, as it represents purity, patience, fulfillment and above all peace.

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Features :
Length: 60 cm to wrap around the wrist (elastic)
Metals: Zinc alloy - silver color
Semi-precious stones: Amethyst

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