Mala "Zenitude" 108 beads and its multicolored pompom

This superb Mala "Zenitude" 108 beads and its multicolored pompom is made from natural semi-precious Agate and Jasper stones. It is entirely handmade in the respect of tradition.

The mala is a kind of prayer beads that is traditionally used in the practice of meditation by Buddhists and yogis. However, it is finding more and more its place as a simple jewel to embellish a dress or highlight a neckline.
The number of beads is not a coincidence, it corresponds to the number of Buddha names for Buddhists and the number of yoga postures for followers of this discipline. During their meditations, the beads are shelled to the rhythm of the matras or prayers by its user.

For the assembly of this Mala "Zenitude" 108 pearls and its multicolored pompom , the colors were perfectly arranged and coordinated with those of the finishing pompom.

Whether you are a fan of meditation or not, this 108-pearl "Zenitude" Mala and its multicolored pompom will bring a zen and nicely colored note to your style, and you will really enjoy wearing it. To receive it without delay, click on "Add to cart" now.

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