OM flower of life pendant

The Flower of Life is a sacred representation in many cultures or traditions to which proven virtues are attributed. This pretty Flower of Life "Om" Pendant, handmade, is the association of the Flower of Life and one of the vowels from the most famous and renowned of mantras, that of wisdom and compassion; the “Om Mani Padme Hum”.

The Flower of Life provides positive benefits to its wearer by protecting their energy system on the one hand. And on the other hand, by allowing to promote the circulation of energies which leads to dissipate blockages of all kinds, to promote concentration and to improve spiritual and emotional harmony. The “Om” is associated with the body, it also represents the vibratory sound which would be the starting point for the creation of the world. It would therefore be the origin of all that is. Reciting the "Om" would provide protective benefits to our bodies through the vibrations produced and would stimulate energy.

This "Om" Flower of Life Pendant by the association of the 2 sacred symbols will improve your well-being while nicely embellishing your clothes. With a diameter of 35 mm, it will be delivered to you with its 45 cm chain. Click "Add to Cart" to get yours now!

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