Buddha Bodhisattva key ring

The Bodhisattva, which has no less than 52 levels, is one of the 3 paths leading to the state of arhat, also called arhant, or the attainment of nirvana, as well as the destruction of impurities, of which it is the primary goal in Buddhism. Literally Bodhisattva means "the aspiration of a living being to achieve enlightenment" by practicing only purely disinterested acts filled with generosity. His ultimate ideal or wish lies in the desire to find enlightenment for himself, but also for others. Gautama Buddha, the one who gave birth to Buddhism, took this voice out of pure compassion while following strict discipline.

As for the rosewood, used for the realization of this Buddha Bodhisattva keychain , it would have antiviral, antifungal properties to fight against infections due to fungi, antibacterial, analgesic by relieving pain, antiparasitic, but also aphrodisiac.

This Buddha Bodhisattva keychain will be the perfect guardian of your keys, which can also guide you in your search for well-being and awakening associated with the various benefits of rosewood, from which essential oils with many virtues are derived. By clicking "Add to Cart", you are granting yourself the favor of the Buddha Bodhisattva by owning an absolutely magnificent keychain.

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