Porte clés Bouddha Ganesh-Mybouddha
Porte clés Bouddha Ganesh-Mybouddha
Porte clés Bouddha Ganesh-Mybouddha

Buddha Ganesh key ring

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We can never have too many lucky charms! This Ganesh Keyring is precisely a lucky charm that will take care of your car or house keys. Ganesh is an elephant-headed deity, son of Shiva and Parvati, who is particularly venerated in Hinduism and everywhere in India, but also in Asia where he is highly respected and honored. It is generally present at the entrance to temples, shrines, as well as businesses and residences. He is famous for his wisdom, his prudence, his benevolence, his immense knowledge and his great intelligence.

Ganesh also symbolizes the divine through the upper part of the elephant-headed body and the human through the lower part. The two main actions attributed to him are the distribution of gifts on the one hand and the destruction of obstacles on the other. If it is considered a lucky charm, it is because it would be very protective of those who possess it and bring them luck and prosperity.

This Buddha Ganesh Keyring is available in bronze or silver. Choose the one you prefer to enjoy its powers that are sure to bring you luck, prosperity and protection in all your endeavors, then click "Add to Cart".

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