Lotus flower and "Om" symbol protective key ring

This Lotus Flower and "Om" symbol protection key ring could very quickly become your favorite key ring to hold all your keys and be their guardian. The “Om” symbol is placed in the center of which it constitutes the heart of the Lotus Flower in filigree.

The "Om" comes from Sanskrit and is taken from the mantra of great compassion and wisdom, the "Om Mani Padme Hum". This syllable is the most recited in meditation by the followers of yoga or by the Buddhists and would be the vibratory sound being at the origin of all that is.

The Lotus Flower symbolizes purity and rebirth, prosperity and longevity. She urges compassion. It encourages people to distance themselves from difficult events and to distance themselves from the suffering they cause. It encourages to acquire more patience and humility. In any case, it develops personal fulfillment and maintains inner peace.

This pretty Lotus Flower and “Om” symbol protection key ring , in addition to highlighting your attachment to the symbols it represents, will be a companion always by your side on a daily basis. Adopt it by clicking on "Add to cart" without delay to receive it.

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