Pyramid Orgonite Black obsidian and copper


What elegance for this black and copper Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid which will make you benefit from its widely recognized protective powers.

The pyramid is made of high quality resin enclosing a black obsidian sphere above, a mandala in shades of blue, a twisted silver ring and a copper energy circle. The set is entirely handmade making this pyramid perfectly unique with luminous sparkles.

The Orgonite pyramid is known for its powers of purification of the atmosphere which it rids of bad energies by transforming them into positive energies.

As for black obsidian, it is a stone with many powerful properties whose powers are unmatched. It is in a way a super shield against harmful negative energies, harmful forces and electromagnetic waves.

Placing this Black and Copper Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid at the heart of your living space or in your office will be a stunning decorative feature with incredible protective potential. Carrying it with you on the go will give you this protection wherever you are.

Take your well-being to heart by placing this pyramid in your home. Click on "Add to cart" to receive it as soon as possible.

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