Canvas bag of 45 incense cones


Because burning incense cones only has benefits for improving our physical and mental condition, this canvas bag of 45 incense cones will give your interior the benefit of smelling good at all times.

In addition to spreading pleasant scents, letting incense burn brings purifying benefits to our living spaces and improves our well-being by activating our olfactory receptors, hence its great use in aromatherapy. Depending on the scents you use, you will find appeasement for good relaxation or better concentration for meditation. They are also useful to evacuate the stress, to dissipate the irritability, to calm the anxiety, to drive out the insomnias to restore a good internal balance. Other perfumes, on the other hand, will be more suitable to make us more energetic or, on the contrary, more amorous during tender evenings.

This canvas bag of 45 incense cones offered in 8 models is perfectly suited to be used with the censers offered on our shop. You will definitely find one that you like! And as these cones are consumed from below, using a suitable censer, you will discover a superb cascading visual effect. One more reason to do you good! Quickly click on "Add to cart".

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