Set of 3 Yoni Eggs in Rock Crystal
Set of 3 Yoni Eggs in Rock Crystal

Set of 3 Yoni Eggs in Rock Crystal

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Model ::3 rock crystal yoni eggs
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This Set of 3 Rock Crystal Yoni Eggs will help you at any time to improve your well-being. You will notice the positive results within two weeks of use.

The interest of Yoni's Egg lies in its ability to strengthen and strengthen the pelvic floor by strengthening the vaginal wall and the uterine muscles, which helps to promote sensitivity in general and the libido in particular, thus significantly improving the intimate relationships. Yoni's Egg, by strengthening the uterine muscles, helps when approaching childbirth, but also promotes after birth by offering better recovery. In addition, it helps to fight fertility problems. It decreases the duration of menstruation and fights against menstrual cramps.

The use of the Egg of Yoni, by strengthening the uterine and vaginal muscles, makes it possible to combat the risks of incontinence as well as the possibility of a Prolapse, subsidence of an organ in the vagina. This also balances the natural hormones present in women, estrogen produced by the ovaries, essential to the functioning of the genitals. .

As for the Crystal of Rock, it helps to dissipate energy barriers or blockages resulting from fears while restoring their circulation. It also supports to help the person let go, balances the chakras and promotes intuition and joy.

Use this Set of 3 Rock Crystal Yoni Eggs to improve your health and well-being by clicking "Add to Cart" to receive it now.

Size of yoni eggs:
Large: 45*30mm
Medium: 40*25mm
Small: 30*20mm

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