Resin Black and Gold Maravijaya Buddha Statue

This splendid black and gold Statue of the Maravijaya Buddha in resin is available in two sizes. It will find its place easily in all interiors, whatever the decoration already present. The Maravijaya Buddha usually has his hands in position, called bhumisparsa-mudra. The right hand and fingers hang downwards with the palm resting on the Buddha's knee. The left hand, meanwhile, is placed on his legs palm up.

It is in the position of the right hand that the different meanings are found from one Buddha to another. In this one, the message symbolizes a "taking witness of the earth" indicating the determination to remain in this place without any fear of what is or happens and that the earth is the witness. As for the gaze of Buddha Maravijaya, if his eyes are not closed, he too is directed towards the ground.

By integrating this Maravijaya Buddha into your interior, you will bring a Zen decoration while allowing anyone entering your home to feel safe. Adopt now this superb black and gold Statue of the Maravijaya Buddha in resin by clicking on "Add to cart".

Features :

Small model: 20cmx14cmx13cm 1kg

Large model: 36cmx26cmx22cm 1.5kg

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